The Dangers of Smoking at 70

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Oct 8th, 2013

absolute health and beautyDoctors Jonathan Emberson and Robert Clark have recently conducted a research regarding the risks involved in retaining a smoking habit at 70 years of age. They have outlined the hazardous effects of cigarettes to the body, described some facts about cardiovascular disease, linked the two concepts, and have come up with the conclusion that smokers who continue beyond 70 lose four years of their lives compared to non-smokers.

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Until recently, we all knew that smokers are at a greater risk of mortality, regardless of the age. So far, there had been no epidemiological researches to study the relationship between smoking, old age and mortality. However, a new research says that smokers in their 70s still lose about four years of their life. The findings of the research were highlighted in a press release presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

Two research scientists, Dr. Jonathan Emberson and Dr. Robert Clark conducted the research. They analyzed health and lifestyle of 7000 elderly males, between ages 66 and 97. The sample was taken from a population of subjects that formed a part of the Whitehall study of civil servants from London.

About the Study

Researchers calculated hazard ratios for each member from the sample. It was inclusive of the degree to which smoking affected a subject’s mortality rate. Various other factors like an individual’s age, family and clinical history of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, employment status were also considered. The study lasted for fifteen years, during which 70 percent of the participants died.

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