Snacks That Kids Can Make On Their Own

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Mar 27th, 2015

coziParents sometimes fail to realize the nutritional value of what their children eats. It is because of their hectic schedule that they sometimes just feed whatever they want to their kids. However, this should not be the case. Being parents, it is your duty to ensure that everything the children eat is healthy. Try introducing them into eating fruits and vegetables. It also helps if you make them a dip that they too would equally like.

For those who hardly have time to bond with their children, why not teach them on how to make their own healthy snacks. Just teach them how to do it for a few tries and them finally let them do it.

It is a recommendation to design a low cabinet or drawer and a low shelf in the fridge so that the children would be able to easily grab whatever ingredient they need to use.

For the two to three year olds, one can always start with veggies and dip. Preparing washed baby carrots and tomatoes or even cut up cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, and bell peppers together with a small container of ranch dip will surely make that little one enjoy snack time.

Fruit and cheese kabobs is yet another snack that these tots may do on their own. Aside from letting them decide on which fruit to use, it also helps them practice their fine motor skills.

One snack that four to five year olds can make is the yogurt parfaits. Just be sure that the yogurt container is placed on the low shelf so that kids can reach them and make their own parfaits. Adding some frozen berries, cut up fruit, cereal, or even granola would definitely make the parfait standout.

Six to seven year olds can busy themselves with cinnamon or peanut butter toast as toast is a great way to help children begin “cooking” on their own. Through this, it would teach them the importance of not touching the hot elements and it too may be worth investing in a set of toasting tongs for the children to get the hot toast easier. Adding some peanut butter or butter and cinnamon sugar to the whole grain bread would make it even more divine.

Listed above are only a few of the many healthy snacks that adults/parents can teach their children to do. By showing them to do such, it would give them that sense of responsibility of being able to fend for themselves and not relying on anyone else to prepare the snacks for them.

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