Raising Healthy Kids

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Apr 8th, 2015

WebMDJoan Barker has recently shared some tips on how to raise healthy children. This includes playing active games, motivating children, replacing TV time with physical activities, and more.

This article was published on WebMD:

Raising healthy children sounds pretty simple: Good nutrition and 60 minutes of physical activity a day protects kids from obesity, diabetes, and a host of chronic diseases later in life.

These days though, health-conscious parents have to compete against any number of unhealthy temptations. “The environment plays a huge role in supporting unhealthy habits,” says Tara LaRowe, PhD, assistant scientist in the Department of Family Medicine at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As a parent, what can you do? Amy Jamieson-Petonic, RD, director of wellness coaching at the Cleveland Clinic, gives parents three rules for healthy eating:

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