How To Stay Ahead of Cancer

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Dec 3rd, 2015

mayo clinicDiscovery’s Edge recently posted an article about how to stay one step ahead of cancer. Cancer may have been one of the most dreaded diseases of all time since not all is able to survive it. However, thanks to the determination of physicians and scientists, they are slowly able to discover new knowledge on how people can be in front of the said disease.

This article was published on their website:

Inside a cancer cell, locked tightly within spools of genetic text, reside the origins of each malignancy. For some cancers, a few misprints here or there enabled them to grow out of control. For others, a new juxtaposition of disparate pieces of genetic code granted the cells immunity from this rapid, malignant growth.

The exact nature of the molecular abnormalities that set the course for cancer can determine how quickly a malignancy will grow, how aggressively it might invade other tissues and how likely it will respond to certain therapies.

The Biomarker Discovery Program at Mayo Clinic is tapping into this knowledge to help physicians stay one step ahead of cancer.

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