Hot Coffee, Tea, and Other Liquids May Cause Cancer Risk Spike

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Jun 17th, 2016

cbcThe CBC News website has recently published an article about additional foods that can cause cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer recently announced that drinking hot beverages like coffee and tea may boost the risk of cancer. Although much research as yet to be done, it is still best to take note of what the researchers have discovered.

This article was published on their website:

Coffee has been downgraded as a possible cause of cancer but drinking “very hot” liquids could increase the hazard, the International Agency for Research on Cancer says.

Coffee dropped in the UN agency’s classification of its potential to cause cancer, from “possibly carcinogenic to humans” in 1991 to “unclassifiable” because enough studies haven’t been done on humans, a spokesman for the agency said Wednesday.

“There’s no particular reason for concern at this stage,” Dana Loomis, deputy head of the IARC program that classifies carcinogens, said in an interview. “We can’t say that it’s completely safe because proving a negative is very difficult, but it has moved down a step in terms of the hierarchy of concern.”

To exonerate coffee, scientists would need a substantial body of evidence, he said.

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