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Sep 17th, 2013

PJ OnlinePJ Online’s News Team has recently discussed how the healthy living pharmacies (HLP) initiative has been providing clear benefits for staff and patients. They highlighted the experience of the participating community pharmacy staff when it comes to HLP.

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Staff and patients have benefited from the healthy living pharmacies (HLP) initiative, but greater public awareness of the scheme would increase the benefit, according to pharmacy professionals interviewed by a research team in Staffordshire.

Eighteen community pharmacy staff — including nine pharmacists, eight healthy living champions and a technician — were interviewed over the telephone to determine the reasons that their pharmacy became an HLP, their experience of becoming an HLP and their perspective on delivering services as an HLP.

Healthy living champions explained that their training had been time-consuming, ranging from four to 12 months, but had increased their confidence in talking to patients about sensitive lifestyle issues.  Other participants reported difficulty in training sufficient staff members and receiving support.


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