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Sep 26th, 2013

weilDr. Andrew Weil has recently shared that doctors ought to be models of health especially if they want to effectively urge his or her patients to follow the route towards wellness. He also cited how the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine is helping doctors care for themselves better through meditation, yoga, and fellowship.

This article was posted on Dr. Weil’s website:

The world is full of occupational irony: crooked cops, bankrupt bankers, seasick sailors, and immoral clergy. But one of the most dangerous examples, according to Dr. Weil, is unhealthy doctors.

“A doctor should be a model of health,” he says. “Showing, rather than just telling, how to live a healthy life is one of the most valuable services a doctor can give to patients.”

Seems logical, and to be sure, some conventional physicians are healthy. But everyone knows doctors who neglect their own well-being. Why don’t doctors as a group take better care of themselves?

“A big black mark against conventional medical education is that it virtually ensures people will come out of it with unhealthy lifestyles,” Dr. Weil says. “Conventional medical education denies you of sleep. It feeds you junk food. It gives you no time to exercise. It teaches you nothing about stress reduction; instead, it demands that you stuff your emotions.” A typical doctor’s working life is just more of the same, Dr. Weil says: cost-conscious hospitals and HMOs demand crazy hours, provide substandard food, and require doctors to project an Olympian aura of perfection, when, in fact, they are just as human as the people in their care.

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