Back to School but Back to the Doctor’s Office As Well

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Aug 5th, 2016

emergencyThe Emergency Care For You website has recently published an article regarding kids going back to school and with it going back to the doctor’s office. Everyone is urged to get their children vaccinated as it allows the kids to have a healthy life. It too allows the immune system to get stronger and be able to fight off any unwanted illness and diseases.

This article was published on their website:

Most children dread the pediatrician’s office as they know it as the place of painful shots.  While kids prep their arms, thighs, and backsides for crucial health maintenance and protection, parents should read upon the importance of immunizations.

Before Kindergarten, your child most likely received their Hepatitis B, Polio, Varicella chicken pox,Hib, DTaP, and part of their MMR.  As they continue on through high school, The CDC recommends completion of the meningococcal, Tdap, and MMR.  The Influenza vaccine is offered annually,while other options include Hepatitis A, pneumococcal, and HPV.  Whew! It certainly seems like every generation has an added shot to their list.

Private and public schools require student vaccines to be up-to-date.  Most states offer exemptions for health, religious and philosophical reasons. With the recent outbreak of measles in California, the state passed a law that only a doctor’s note stating a medical reason will keep your child from receiving required immunizations.  At present,even some pediatric practices have started turning away unvaccinated kids in order to protect the other children in the office.

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