Ayurveda and Yoga for Fall

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Sep 24th, 2013

Yoga for Healthy AgingRa, from Yoga for Healthy Aging, has recently introduced some healthy living practices that people can follow this autumn season. In his article, he listed establishing stable routines, sticking to diets that can counteract the fall/vata season, meditation, plus more.

This article was published on the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog:

As you may have noticed, summer is gradually winding down and making way for autumn to take over. The days become shorter, the rhythm shifts, and the light and heat of summer subside. Both yoga and ayurveda stress the fact that we are in sync with our environment so we need to be mindful of the change in seasons. Thus, as seasons change, our body and mind adapt to these changes. This requires us to be aware of the qualities associated with the seasonal changes.

Fall is marked by the domination of vata dosha (constitution). Vata is made of the ether and air elements. It represents the mobile force of the universe, and in our bodies is responsible for all activities that involve movement. Thus, locomotion, digestion, circulation, respiration, elimination, communication, sensory and motor function, cardiac function and nervous system impulses (among others) are all governed by vata. Vata in the mind is responsible for emotions that include enthusiasm, joy, clarity, creativity, fear, worry and anxiety.

The qualities (gunas in Sanskrit) of ether and air elements in turn constitute the vata qualities, and these include cold, dry, light, rough, subtle, mobile and clear. To understand the vata dosha, it is important to understand whether the above-mentioned qualities are dominating the body and mind at any given moment. When vata dosha is healthy, these qualities are in a balanced state and the individual experiences optimal health, stability, creativity enthusiasm and excitement for life. The movements of the body are graceful, unimpeded, and yet controlled. Individuals who possess a balanced state of vata tend to be imaginative, energetic, fun, light hearted and full of excitement.

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