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Oct 10th, 2013

Wellness MamaKatie, the Wellness Mama, has recently shared five simple steps to better health. In a blog post, she cited changing toilet postures, avoiding soda, using coconut oil, using water filters that can safely remove toxins, and optimizing sleep as practical ways to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

This article, together with an infographic, was posted on the Wellness mama website:

There is so much health information available online, that sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. These easy steps are simple switches you can make to boost health without turning your life upside down overnight! While the long term goal is lasting lifestyle changes, these small steps are a great start and will hopefully lead to more improvement!

Here is the written list…. scroll down for the infographic:

Squat to Poo: Instead of a regular toilet, use a couple of buckets or a squatty potty to change your toilet posture. Seems like a simple change, but there is a lot of emerging evidence that toilet posture makes a big difference for digestion. This website further explains the most common problems with modern toilet posture and how squatting can help.

Ditch the Soda: Instead of soda which is filled with artificial flavors and colors (and sweeteners), switch to naturally fermented drinks that provide the carbonation and mild sweetness with a boost of probiotics, beneficial enzymes and nutrients. Our favorites are water kefir soda, homemade ginger ale, kombucha soda, and beet kvass.

Switch the Oils: Instead of rancid and chemically created vegetable oils like canola and soybean, start using coconut oil, which is packed with beneficial medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid (and which has hundreds of uses).


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